Friday, July 17, 2009

Jody Jazz mouthpieces

In 2005, I discovered the Jody Jazz hard rubber mouthpiece, and my long search for the right piece ended. I found the direction I wanted to head in while studying with George Garzone. I had been playing a Claude Lakey 6*3 for years and it was time for a change to move my sound to another, deeper level. So, for a semester he let me play one of his hard rubber Otto Link 9*'s, and it was perfect! Unfortunately, it wasn't for sale. After having to give that piece back to George, I played a Berg Larsen 130/0 for a couple of years. Then a Vandoren Jumbo Java T95 ... then came across Jody Espina's website. I ordered a 8*, 9*, and a 10*.... and instantly fell in love with the 9*! It was very much like that old rubber Link, and had all the qualities I was looking for. Big and dark, but projecting and brilliant, too. I can really play hard on this mouthpiece and it won't shut off. And the sound is very even from low Bb to the upper extremes. I get altissimo F's and G's without much adjustment. Lately, Rico Royal 4's seem to give me the right resistance and projection.

You can hear playing me on this mouthpiece in the video below or at

I highly recommend trying Jody's mouthpieces. Aside from the hard rubber line which I think are outstanding, he's got many other configurations that are very cool...Check them out!

You can also get these at

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