Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Eric Marienthal

Last night I had the good fortune to play on a gig with Eric Marienthal. It's an honor be in the presence of such a powerful, commanding musician. He's very generous with his time and a genuinely nice guy. And can PLAY!! If you haven't checked out his music, please do. He's among the great players who have developed a unique voice on their instruments. He's got many solo records ("Crossroads" is my favorite), numerous recordings with Chick Corea, the GRP All-Star Big Band, etc. All of us in Fredericksburg were very excited he came to town and so inspired by his playing! Thanks, Eric!!

Unfortunately, I didn't get to take a lesson with Eric. But, some of the other excellent players here in town did, and I look forward to hitting them up for information!

Check out some of the practice items Eric posted on his website. Some great ideas!

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